Belongg Research Collective and Circle is a platform that addresses the intersection of identity, research and representation in academic and social domains. We bring together researchers and experts in various fields while addressing crucial issues of intersectionality and identity.

Belongg xSDG

The xSDG Initiative (or Intersectional SDG Initiative) by the Belongg Research Collective aims to focus on intersectional inclusion and diversity in global Sustainable Development Goals related initiatives. The UN SDG framework and its 17 goals are an important organizing approach that underpins a large fraction of development-oriented activity across the globe. Belongg believes that intersectional thinking linked to gender, caste, disability, religion and so on, needs to be much more deeply integrated into the overall SDG approach. Not doing so neglects important realities of how people have significantly different experiences on account of their identity in ways that inhibit their growth and achievement of the SDG goals.

The xSDG Initiative aims to address such blindspots through creating an active dialogue around the need for intersectional thinking in SDG-related development, curating knowledge and research to promote such intersectional thinking and programming, and creating a community of researchers interested in these topics.

Belongg Research

The Belongg Research Collective is a platform launched by Belongg that seeks to create a vibrant network of researchers who are approaching themes of diversity & inclusion through gender, feminism, sexuality, ethnicity, race, ability, immigrants, prejudice/bias through healthcare, housing, education, representation panel, jobs, and other psycho-social domains.

  • Domain-related pathways within which discrimination plays out: Healthcare, housing, education, even representation in places such as conferences, or employment.
  • Identity-related pathways due to which discrimination plays out: Gender, sexual orientation, religion, caste, race, immigration status, or ability.
  • And finally, the cross-cutting domains of human behaviour, cognition, bias, biology, sociology, norms that drive attitudes/ perceptions and also behaviour that is either discriminatory or inclusive

Belongg Circle

The Belongg Circle is an inclusive research platform that matches organizations working in specific domains with a) intersectional experts with perspectives on those domains and at least or more diversity markers (gender, caste, race, sexuality, religion, disability, body) &/or b) the lived experience of marginalization. We work with brands, research organizations, media houses, conference organizers, policymakers, and designers who are interested in getting deep perspectives from experts and users focused on these “identities”. As an illustration, if you are a researcher focused on healthcare, & would like to speak to an expert on transgender health issues, we can help.

If you are a brand that makes fintech solutions & want to include research participants with physical disabilities in your design process, we can help. And if you are organizing a large conference on water & sanitation and want to include perspectives of caste and gender minorities, we can help you with potential panel participants.