The Belongg Student Ambassador Program

Promoting more inclusive schools in India for students of diverse identities

The prejudice and bias that LGBTQ+ students as well as students with disabilities face at school is a substantial problem and affects hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of students, in India. Belongg runs an initiative – The Belongg Student Ambassador Program – to address this challenge by creating student ambassadors at schools who get trained in creating inclusive environments in schools.

Peer students and the student community play a really important role in driving inclusion within schools and hence, our program focuses on engaging with students at partner schools and training them to be more inclusive.

Such supplemental efforts are important because despite the Indian National Education Policy, 2020 emphasizing the need to make schools more inclusive, diversity and inclusion efforts are very thinly scattered across India schools and need more support.

First Round of the Program

The first round of the program is running between March 2021 – February 2022 and is working with a cohort of carefully selected students within 10 schools across India and is training them in being more inclusive and creating spaces within their schools that are welcoming of students with LGTBQ backgrounds as well as physical and cognitive disabilities. The program is structured in a manner that leads to significant student involvement in running the program in their schools, developing leadership skills, gaining mentorship, and becoming changemakers in their community.

Please reach out if you would like your school to be a part of this program.