"It doesn't matter how long my hair is or what colour my skin is or whether I'm a woman or a man." - John Lennon

Millions of people, due to their religion, gender, sexuality, caste, ethnicity, or ability are denied rental housing each year. This leads to a violation of fundamental rights, ghettoized urban landscapes, and increasing intolerance. This is a shame because true diversity can be a source of incredible beauty and vitality and is necessary to healthy communities. 
While this prejudice is legally prohibited, the problem continues to persist.
This can only change at scale if individual homeowners (landlords) choose to embrace diversity and open their doors to potential tenants with identities that might be different from their own. Inclusion does begin at home! 

Belongg Housing Services & #OpenTheDoor Initiative

Belongg is creating a community of inclusive homeowners and landlords across India and we invite you to learn more and signup.

How It Works

IF you know someone who is a homeowner and a believer in inclusion and diversity, please put us in touch with them or else ask them to get in touch with Belongg either by filling the form below or by writing at

And want to register your house on the Belongg network to enable more inclusive leasing, please share some details below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which cities and areas is Belongg active in? Belongg is currently active in Delhi but will expand to other cities very soon. 
  • My house is not in Delhi. Should I still sign up? Yes, we are encouraging homeowners in other cities to signup as well. We’ll be expanding operations to other Indian cities soon. 
  • What rental ranges does the Belongg platform work with? We serve a very wide range of customers – those with a budget of INR 10,000 per month to those with a monthly budget upwards of INR 200,000
  • What about the rent that the tenants would pay? Am I expected to offer a discounted rent? No, you should charge market rates. Discounts are not expected as Belongg seeks to solve for identity linked discrimination. 
  • My house is not yet vacant. Should I sign up now or wait till the current tenants vacate? We encourage you to sign up even while housing is full as it will help reduce the time between vacancies by enabling more efficient matching with prospective tenants. 
  • What are Belongg’s fees? Does it cost money to signup? Belongg charges a standard, success-based brokerage fee equivalent to one month of rent each from both the tenant and the landlord. No fees are needed in case the contract is not finalized. 
  • Why should I sign up? What are benefits to me? There are at least four reasons for homeowners to sign up: a) An extremely important contribution to diversity and inclusion in the country, b) A very professional experience through the process, c) Market rents with little haggling, and d) Membership to the Belongg network and complementary access to meetups and book readings, film screenings, and other events. 


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