Unother Website

In a world that is deeply divided along lines of identity, inclusive literature and books provide windows into the lives, struggles, and joys of others, thereby enabling empathetic engagement with and inclusion of those different from ourselves. Diverse literature, thus, is key in amplifying diverse perspectives to create a truly inclusive society. Through the Belongg Literature Collective, we have built a platform that harnesses the power of inclusive and diverse literature to promote greater understanding, acceptance, and mutual appreciation across the world.

UnOther by Belongg is a mobile app for inclusive allies. It brings insights from books and authors on feminism, gender & sexuality, race, caste, disability, faith, and even prejudice and bias in the form of book summaries, interviews, podcasts and conversations. Become a member to get access to a growing collection of book summaries and interviews. Every month, we add approximately 15 books, interviews and podcasts to the app, and host conversations through our library network to make sure that your understanding of diversity and inclusion keeps on growing.


  • Read 15-minute book summaries and reviews
  • Read interviews with authors and publishers on these topics
  • Participate in community reading challenges
  • Listen to interesting podcasts with authors and thought leaders (upcoming feature)
  • Request author readings and events
  • Join the Belongg Library Network

Inclusiveness & Passing-The-Mic

UnOther believes strongly in passing-the-mic: a large fraction of the content on UnOther is created by writers and collaborators who have the lived-experience of marginalized identities (in terms of their gender, sexuality, race, caste, faith, or disability). We also bring insights from books by high-quality independent publishing houses and authors.

Subscription plans

UnOther offers four different subscription plans that allow you to access different levels of content and features on the app. The plans are affordably priced and we also offer special discounts for students.