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Hiring Research Manager for the Belongg Research Collective

Amiya Chaudhuri
September 9, 2022

About Belongg

Billions of people across the world face prejudice & bias and get severely compromised access to services such as housing, education, healthcare, and jobs simply on account of their identity (gender, race, caste, disability, ethnicity, faith, sexuality, and more).
Belongg is a social innovation incubator that focuses on diversity and inclusion and creates programs and platforms that address these problems and bring better services to such underserved groups through sustainable approaches.

Belongg’s work focuses on three areas: Inclusive Research (through the Belongg Research Collective), Inclusive Literature & Arts (through the Belongg Literature Collective), and Inclusive Mental Health (through the Belongg Mental Health Collective).

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The Belongg Research Collective

Belongg Research Collective is a crucial part of Belongg and focuses on programs and platforms that focus on bringing intersectional research and expertise to bear on important decisions that get taken in our world across the public, private, and civil-society spheres.

We define intersectional research and expertise as lying at the intersection of identity markers (gender & sexuality, race, caste, faith, disability, ethnicity, age) and different topical domains such as international development, technology, media, financing, housing, income, SDGs, education.

We bring together researchers, experts, organisations who are experts in topical domains and also address crucial issues of intersectionality and identity in their work.

The Belongg Research Collective focuses on four key initiatives

  1. The Belongg Circle: This is a technology-enabled platform that curates intersectional experts and makes it easy for organizations to get in touch with them and include them in their research, design, and strategy processes. You can see more here:
  2. The xSDG Platform: That curates research, data, and conversations focused on intersectional inclusion within international development. We recently convened the xSDG UnConference 2021 and you can see more here:
  3. The xSDG Podcasts: This brings a range of podcasts focused on intersectionality in development. (all episodes are accessible on Belongg’s app UnOther)
  4. Partnering with organizations in the social impact space and helping them make their work and programming more intersectional.

The Role: Manager – Belongg Research Collective

We are looking to hire a talented Manager for the Belongg Research Collective as we expand both our activities and our platforms.

The full-time role would involve the following:

  1. Being responsible for overall work planning, delivery on client engagements, mentoring & coaching, and effectiveness
  2. Playing an entrepreneurial role with partnerships and business development responsibility for both xSDG & Belongg Circle with demand-side organizations (organizations that will have use for services provided by xSDG & Belongg Circle) and supply-side (organizations that can contribute knowledge and expertise for these platforms)
  3. Lead the growing team of Belongg Research Collective Associates
  4. Drive innovation within the Research Collective by constantly identifying relevant topics, themes, and organizations relevant for the Research Collective
  5. Conceptualizing and helping executive flagship events and conferences (such as the annual xSDG UnConference) and curate important conversations on these topics
  6. Supporting the leadership team at Belongg on key strategic initiatives
  7. Any other work that might be needed in a growing startup

Qualifications we are looking for include

  1. At least 5 years of experience in innovative roles within impact (broadly defined: could be in a start-up, social enterprise, NGO, policy institute) with at least 1-2 years of this experience being in a research or policy organization
  2. At least 1 year of experience managing a full-time team of at least 2-3 people. This is non-negotiable
  3. At least 1 year of experience in an external-facing partnerships and / or business development role
  4. A track record of and a deep interest in diversity & inclusion and working on issues related to gender, LGBTQ rights, equity for religious and caste-based identities, immigrant rights. This should be a clear passion for you.
  5. A deep passion for research where you constantly read about new research and books being published on these topics. This is non-negotiable.
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. These are non-negotiable
  7. An undergrad or graduate degree in business, public policy, liberal arts, technology etc from a leading college in India or outside
  8. Being a self-starter with the willingness and ability to roll-up their sleeves and take on substantial responsibility. This is critical. This is not a 5-day a week, 9-5 role and will have substantial demands hence we are looking for people who are willing to make this commitment
  9. Most importantly, we are looking for a self-starter who is comfortable in startup environments and sees this opportunity (both the mission of the company and the role) aligned to their long term goals

The position is based in Delhi or Bangalore. The pay range for this role is between INR 12-18 lacs per annum.

If this sounds interesting, please write to with a thoughtful cover letter (really important for us) & CV with “Research Manager- Belongg Research Collective” in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Belongg actively encourages applications from candidates with diverse identities.