Welcome to Belongg!

A community platform that brings discrimination-free services to people who face bias because of their gender, sexuality, race, caste, religion, or ability.

Introducing Unother

UnOther by Belongg is a mobile app that brings together insights on feminism, gender & sexuality, race, caste, disability, faith, and even prejudice and bias from leading books and authors through book summaries, interviews and podcasts, and conversations.

The Belongg network brings together members of underserved groups, allies, and asset owners who believe in equality and diversity.

Community Meetups

Periodic meetups that celebrate diversity through the creative arts and surface the lived experiences of people who face prejudice due to their caste, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or ability.

Belongg Book & Film Club

Curated book readings and film screenings that bring to light the joys & sorrows, challenges & victories, history & hopes, beauty & pain associated with “being different” in today’s world.

The Ally Supper CLUB

A supper club that brings together allies who support members of groups that Belongg focuses on. We seek to stimulate dialogue between allies and create a more nuanced understanding of how bias and prejudice need to be addressed universally.


Here’s a list of resources, by various organisations, which reflect the need for and importance of diversity and inclusion.

15 Tools For Creating Multicultural Communities

15 Tools for Creating Healthy, Productive Interracial/ Multicultural

Understanding Marginalisation

What It Is Like Being Marginalised? Here's a lesson from NCERT Class 8 textbook:

Urban Rental Housing Market

This study attempts to identify the forms of discrimination experienced by Dalits and Muslims

Guidance Tool on Descent-Based Discrimination

Key Challenges and strategic approaches to combat caste-based and analogous forms..



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