Poetry: ‘So I’m angry’ & ‘Power of Words’

Poetry by Sneha Krishnan; themed around women
Team Belongg
March 15, 2020

The following poems have been penned by Sneha Krishnan, who is the winner of the ‘Pictures & Words’ contest we held during the International Film Festival of Bhubaneswar recently. Sneha talks about power, resilience and women, through her poetry.

So I’m Angry

For the voices of dissent
that drop dead.
For the innocent who are killed
with one act of terror.
For several such incidences
which are stemming from hatred.
For the injustices we face
as a woman, as
as a woman, of another race, religion or language.
For being someone while others are not,
For others who fail to understand me,
Or do not respect my view.
Others who look away while I bleed.
Every step I take forward,
I go behind several miles.

Power of words

She rides the wave of silence,
and emerges from the shadows.
Awakening the sleepy earth,
she shatters the doors that threaten to swallow.
She fears no one but death.
She tumults but never despairs.
Losses and death have made her stronger
Her breath smells of promise and freedom.
How she speaks and how she conducts,
is what you focused for far too long.
Today something deep inside you shifts,
A reflection of what she spoke of and what you heard.
You had emotions that you bottled for long,
You too had scars you had battled and fought.
Don’t hide them, your weaknesses,
Wear them as your armour, your pride.
The strength to act comes from the power of words.
It is the bridge that connects thoughts to action.
Now, speak because you are silent only in death.