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Hiring Research Manager for the Belongg Research Collective

About Belongg Billions of people across the world face prejudice & bias and get severely compromised access to services such as housing, education, healthcare, and …

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Overturning Roe vs Wade: Reproductive Rights and Bodily Autonomy in the US and India

On 24 June 2022, the American Supreme Court overturned a landmark constitutional ruling called Roe vs Wade, which had legalised abortion across the country. The …

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We are hiring for the following roles, find detailed information below: Manager Cities & WASH Associate: Law, Justice, & Peace Associate  About Belongg Billions of …

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Listen to Belongg Podcasts on Spotify, Google Podcasts & Unother App

Check out these shows to hear in-depth conversations about inclusive and diverse literature, research and mental health.

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Could the Malnutrition and Mental Health Crises be Interlinked? | Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

A person’s access to sufficient and nutritious food is closely connected with their mental wellbeing. Not only does the lack of access to food lead …

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Caste-and-Food-image-1-800x418 Belongg Team Blogs

Caste and Gastropolitics in India | Dalit History Month 2022

While for most other species, food is a matter of survival, a peculiarity of the human world is that for us, food transcends the notion …

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25 Intersectional Toolkits on Mental Health, Wellness, and Self Care

Here is a collection of 25 toolkits on mental health, wellness, and self-care that cater to five themes (Disability, Gender, Race, Religion, and Migration).

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Podcast Episodes on the Lived Experiences of Dalit Individuals

Dalit voices are not represented in mainstream media but fortunately, a few podcasts have risen to fill this vacuum. We recommend the five episodes below. 

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10 Books on the Intersection of Caste and Mental Health Belongg Team Blogs

10 Books on the Intersection of Caste and Mental Health

This mix of books try to sensitively question the gaze and at the same time offer a much-needed insight into the multilayered impact of caste on mental health and wellbeing.

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5 Researchers Investigating the Mental Health of Indigenous Communities in India Belongg Team Blogs

5 Researchers Investigating the Mental Health of Indigenous Communities in India

There is a steady, albeit small, stream of research accumulating information on the experiences of members of indigenous or Adivasi communities without forcefully categorizing and reducing these experiences. Here is a list of authors writing such research.

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Dalit History Month: 5 Must-Watch Documentaries on Caste

Inspired by Black History Month, April, the birth month of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, is celebrated as Dalit History Month to commemorate Dalit resistance and accomplishments …

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Dismantling Caste, One Word at a Time!

This Dalit History Month and National Poetry Writing Month, when we are surrounded by stories of Dalit struggles and accomplishments and poetry, here are some verses that take an anti-caste stance! These verses are an expression of the historical marginalization of Dalits and are a call for equality. Of course, as Chandramohan tells us, it is not enough to read Dalit poetry but also to understand the politics that inform it.

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10 Health Insurance Policies that Cover Mental Health

We have compiled a list of some of the insurers who have introduced or changed their health insurance policies to cover costs incurred because of mental illness in an effort to disseminate information about the same and increase public access to mental health services.

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10 Books Portraying the Lives of Individuals Struggling with Mental Health Issues Belongg Team Blogs

10 Books Portraying the Lives of Individuals Struggling with Mental Health Issues

A 2011 World Health Organisation-sponsored study found that 36% of Indians suffered from a Major Depressive Episode (MDE) within their lifetime. That means India has …

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10 Books on Mental Health released in 2021 you should check out

Literature on mental health, especially intersectional mental health therefore becomes all the more crucial. As we witness a third Covid-19 wave in India, we bring to you a diverse selection of books on mental health released last year. Although not an exhaustive list, we hope these books catering to diverse mental health themes provide some respite in these difficult times. 

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Interview | Nafisa Baboo on Making Our Educational Spaces Disability-Inclusive

As schools move towards more inclusive models of education, we speak to Nafisa Baboo about her journey as a disability-inclusive educator, and how learning ecosystems can be transformed into holistic spaces for every child, regardless of their ability or disability.

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Interview | Bhargavi Davar on a Value System for Inclusive Educational Spaces

In this interview, Belongg speaks to Bhargavi Davar, the director of Bapu Trust, about the practical implications of inclusive education and the value systems that underline it.

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UnOther — Belongg’s New Mobile App for Inclusive Allies

UnOther is a mobile app with insights from authors, books, and thought leaders on gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, caste, religion, disability, and more.

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Belongg Research Collective (1) Belongg Team Blogs

What do our Textbooks really Reflect? Understanding Biases in Formal Education Textbooks in India

In a deeply inequitable society, the importance of education as a tool to address systemic biases has been greatly emphasised. Many activists and practitioners, especially …

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BMC Social Media (1) Belongg Team Blogs

10 Free Counselling Services for Children

The Belongg Mental Health Collective has prepared a list of mental health service providers who are offering their services free of cost.

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Illustration source: Featured

Online Peer Support Groups for Queer Folx by Queer Folx

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the disproportionate mental health needs of queer persons around the globe. The pandemic has resulted in an increase of mental …

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Arushi Ralli image Interviews

“ It is important to have safe spaces for children to see that the system doesn’t define their worth, dignity and humanity.”

Arushi talks about her thoughts on the need for intersectional mental health services for children and youth.

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SDG blog Belongg Team Blogs

xSDG by Belongg: A Knowledge Platform For SDGs and Intersectionality

Belongg Research Collective invites you all for an exciting research showcase that focuses on the intersectionality of SDGs!

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Rashi Sinha Interviews

“The psychiatric hangover around us makes it difficult to reimagine therapy as a political act.”

Interview with mental health worker Rashi Sinha: Intersectional mental health, therapy and more.

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Call for Independent Journalists (4) Belongg Team Blogs

Sanitation, Development & More In Delhi-NCR

To develop a social work intervention model for the sanitation workers in Delhi, it was first important to list down the problems into broad chunks to be considered individually. Read the full paper here:

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Call for Independent Journalists (1) Belongg Team Blogs

4 Reports that Uncover Issues of Gender Diversity in Global Media Houses

“Women were nearly 3 to 5 times less likely to feature as protagonists in coronavirus news coverage, dependent on the country they were residing in.”

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IMG-20200410-WA0028 Featured

A father-daughter Duo and Para Tennis: Wild Card 3 is about identity and overcoming challenges

“I think representation is very important in books because it helps people relate to different realities. “

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Explore mental health through these seven books of Indian literature Featured

Explore Mental Health through these 7 books of Indian Literature

This World Mental Health Day, let’s bring the conversation closer home. Explore how non-English Indian literature creates awareness on mental crises.

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Belongg Book Library Image Small Square Blogs

Hiring: Literature Collective Associate

Belongg Literature Collective: Associate “A book club is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.” Adapted from Jerry …

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anusha misra Interviews

Disabled womxn are perceived as two extreme binaries – Asexual or Hypersexual: Anusha Misra

We spoke to Anusha Misra, founder of Revival Magazine, about disability, sexuality and more.

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The Belongg Online Literature Festival is now live

Belongg, in partnership with The Wire, is pleased to announce the Belongg Online Literature Festival (BOLF) which will take place between the 3rd and 6th of July. BOLF will feature over 75 speakers who have written, illustrated, translated, and published books on themes of gender, sexuality, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, disability, inclusion/exclusion, and prejudice/bias, and will seek to foster important conversations on inclusion and diversity. More details, and the passes, are available on the Festival website:

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manvinder-sinh-govil Guest Blogs

Out, Loud & Proud : Manavendra Sinh Gohil

“When my parents tried to financially pressurise me as an intended act of mitigation, I realised how important it was to be financially and socially empowered in order to be able to pursue one’s sexual identity.”

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Untitled-design-7 Belongg Team Blogs

Highlights from Belongg’s Events (March–April, 2020)

Here’s an update of the events Belongg is holding and the conversations we find important to address.

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Urvashi Singh Interviews

“Every time I achieve a milestone at work, a glass ceiling cracks somewhere,” says Urvashi Singh

“Gendered disparity in entrepreneurship is more class-centric than we credit it to be.”

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women Guest Blogs

Poetry: ‘So I’m angry’ & ‘Power of Words’

The following poems have been penned by Sneha Krishnan, who is the winner of the ‘Pictures & Words’ contest we held during the International Film …

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Chhotu Interviews

“Chhotu is as much a story of the past as it is of the present”

“We don’t know how to exactly quantify it, but the perspectives, trauma and horrors of that time are definitely pervasive until today. But we don’t even have to go to the past to see it, it’s happening in the world around us.”

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Belongg Book Library Image Small Square Belongg Team Blogs

We are hiring for the Belongg Book Club & Library

Associate, Belongg Book Club & Library “A book club is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.” Adapted …

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Keerthy Suresh Mahanati Movie Releasing Today Poster Belongg Team Blogs

17 Indian Films From The Last Decade That Focused On Women

This list is an attempt to catalogue films that shouted womanhood and showcased the themes that surround their lives and how they overcome challenges.

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trangender act Interviews

Breaking Down the Transgender Persons Act (2019)

We asked advocate Suruchi Kumar to help breakdown the Act for us in simple terms

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Video Producer – Diversity & Inclusion

Belongg is a new impact venture that seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in Indian cities and serve people who, otherwise, due to their gender, …

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Community & Operations Associate Job Description

Belongg is a new impact venture that seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in Indian cities and serve people who, otherwise, due to their gender, …

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Belongg Library Belongg Team Blogs

The Belongg Library

A curated list of books on themes that matter at Belongg. Read more to find out how you can become a member.

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Sai for Belongg Belongg Team Blogs

Dreams and Denial

The justification you use for any of the exclusivities you would like to hold on to, may also any day be functionally applicable to any of the communities you do not wish to exclude.

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Ola Jason Blogs

Living as an “Outsider” in India: Ola Jason’s Story

Ola had to face several struggles after he had first arrived in India. The usual suspicions of being a drug-dealer, or getting kicked out of his house because of the way he looked are part of his story too.

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Inclusion collage Belongg Team Blogs

Inclusion is a journey..

People who have been exposed to more diversity tend to think of differences as the norm and hence approach them with curiosity and openness.

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DI Words; Image Source: Wiki Commons Blogs

The Power of Words for Diversity and Inclusion

We should take an unrepenting look at the vocabulary being used for diversity & inclusion work and carefully weed out words that are either feeble or apologetic or both.

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Why Belongg Belongg Team Blogs

Why Belongg?

Our cities are becoming increasingly ghettoized and are losing the magic that diversity can bring.

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Delhi General shot Belongg Team Blogs

“Hapshi hai kya?” and other things you hear while looking for a house in Delhi

One broker, on being asked if he would show a house to a friend of ours from Africa who is currently working in a Gurgaon corporate firm, replied saying “Hapshi hai kya?”

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