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IMG-20200410-WA0028 Featured

A father-daughter Duo and Para Tennis: Wild Card 3 is about identity and overcoming challenges

“I think representation is very important in books because it helps people relate to different realities. “

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Explore mental health through these seven books of Indian literature Featured

Explore Mental Health through these 7 books of Indian Literature

This World Mental Health Day, let’s bring the conversation closer home. Explore how non-English Indian literature creates awareness on mental crises.

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Belongg Book Library Image Small Square Blogs

Hiring: Literature Collective Associate

Belongg Literature Collective: Associate “A book club is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.” Adapted from Jerry …

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anusha misra Interviews

Disabled womxn are perceived as two extreme binaries – Asexual or Hypersexual: Anusha Misra

We spoke to Anusha Misra, founder of Revival Magazine, about disability, sexuality and more.

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gif all 64AA22-02 Featured

The Belongg Online Literature Festival is now live

Belongg, in partnership with The Wire, is pleased to announce the Belongg Online Literature Festival (BOLF) which will take place between the 3rd and 6th of July. BOLF will feature over 75 speakers who have written, illustrated, translated, and published books on themes of gender, sexuality, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, disability, inclusion/exclusion, and prejudice/bias, and will seek to foster important conversations on inclusion and diversity. More details, and the passes, are available on the Festival website:

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manvinder-sinh-govil Guest Blogs

Out, Loud & Proud : Manavendra Sinh Gohil

“When my parents tried to financially pressurise me as an intended act of mitigation, I realised how important it was to be financially and socially empowered in order to be able to pursue one’s sexual identity.”

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