We are hiring for the following roles, find detailed information below: Manager Cities & WASH Associate: Law, Justice, & Peace Associate  About Belongg Billions of people across the world face prejudice & bias and get severely compromised access to services such as housing, education, healthcare, and jobs simply on account of their identity (gender, race, […]

Caste and Gastropolitics in India | Dalit History Month 2022

While for most other species, food is a matter of survival, a peculiarity of the human world is that for us, food transcends the notion of mere survival. Families, communities, and cultures all over the world centre themselves around food and this is especially true in India, a country where much emphasis is placed on […]

Dalit History Month: 5 Must-Watch Documentaries on Caste

Inspired by Black History Month, April, the birth month of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, is celebrated as Dalit History Month to commemorate Dalit resistance and accomplishments and is a continued call for social justice. Here are a few documentary recommendations to understand the deep-rootedness of the caste system in India. #1 India Untouched – Stories of […]

Dismantling Caste, One Word at a Time!

This Dalit History Month and National Poetry Writing Month, when we are surrounded by stories of Dalit struggles and accomplishments and poetry, here are some verses that take an anti-caste stance! These verses are an expression of the historical marginalization of Dalits and are a call for equality. Of course, as Chandramohan tells us, it is not enough to read Dalit poetry but also to understand the politics that inform it.