Join Belongg’s Inclusive Tech Mission: Transforming Technology for All

Technology can be a powerful lever for change but often excludes users either because it is not accessible or because it doesn’t serve their unique needs. Belongg is seeking Program Managers, Design Researchers, and Communications Associates for our Inclusive Tech team. Collaborate with top product teams in India and global innovators to create technology products […]

India Inc: The case for ‘Inclusion 2.0’ in industry

This article, written by Nirat Bhatnagar, the founder of Belongg and a Partner at Dalberg, and Shruti Goyal, an Associate Partner at Dalberg, first appeared in Forbes India here. Inclusion 1.0 is about increasing diversity in the workforce. The next phase of the Indian story calls for Inclusion 2.0, which focuses on building inclusive products […]

Online Peer Support Groups for Queer Folx by Queer Folx

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the disproportionate mental health needs of queer persons around the globe. The pandemic has resulted in an increase of mental strain on queer persons, while simultaneously depriving them of community support. A sense of community which has proved to be critical for queer persons who often find themselves alone in […]

The Belongg Online Literature Festival is now live

Belongg, in partnership with The Wire, is pleased to announce the Belongg Online Literature Festival (BOLF) which will take place between the 3rd and 6th of July. BOLF will feature over 75 speakers who have written, illustrated, translated, and published books on themes of gender, sexuality, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, disability, inclusion/exclusion, and prejudice/bias, and will seek to foster important conversations on inclusion and diversity. More details, and the passes, are available on the Festival website:

The Belongg Library

Belongg Library

A curated list of books on themes that matter at Belongg. Read more to find out how you can become a member.